Table Service Buffet

It's like a buffet...but better. Same unlimited food for a fixed price, but cooked FRESH and served immediately from wok to plate to your table. 

How it works

  1. To start, your table can choose 6 starters and 6 mains from the menu to share.

  2. Thereafter, order anything from the menu and as much as you like at no extra cost.



Available daily: 5pm - 10:00pm

Sunday - Thursday @ £19.50/person (min for 2)

Friday & Saturday @ £21.50/person (min for 2)

Kids under 10 years old @ £9.80 at all times


Terms & Conditions

Dishes are subject to availability/change without notice.

Unfinished food cannot be taken away.

Management will refuse re-orders for food wasters so order only what you can eat!



  1. Crispy seaweed (v)

  2. Spicy spare ribs (s)

  3. Spare ribs Peking style

  4. Spare ribs in BBQ sauce

  5. Satay chicken

  6. Smoked spicy chicken

  7. Spicy chilli chicken strips (s)

  8. Vegetarian spring rolls (v)

  9. Crispy spring rolls

  10. Thai style chicken rolls

  11. Crispy won ton

  12. Sesame prawns on toast

  13. Butterfly king prawns

  14. Prawn crackers

  15. Bang bang chicken (served cold)

  16. Chinese salad (v)

  17. Curry puff (v)

  18. Crispy aromatic duck

  19. Crispy aromatic lamb

  20. Chicken sweetcorn soup

  21. Chicken noodle soup

  22. Chicken mushroom soup

  23. Hot & sour soup (S)

  24. Vegetable soup (v)


Main Course

Chicken Dishes

​25. Sweet & sour chicken

26. Sweet & sour chicken balls

27. Lemon chicken

28. Chicken curry (s)

29. Chicken in chilli black bean sauce (s)

30. Chicken in garlic sauce

31. Sizzling chicken

32. Kung po chicken (s)

33. Chicken with mushroom

34. Chicken in oyster sauce

35. Chicken in oyster sauce

36. Chicken foo yung


Beef Dishes

36. Chilli beef strips (s)

37. Beef in chilli black bean sauce (s)

38. Sizzling beef

39. Beef in Peking style

40. Beef in oyster sauce

41. Beef with mushrooms


Pork Dishes

42. Cantonese roast pork

43. Roast port Szechuan style (s)


Prawn Dishes

44. King prawns in chilli black bean sauce (s)

45. King prawns with mixed vegetables. 

46. Sweet & sour king prawns

47. King prawns in batter


Vegetable Dishes

48. Beancurd in Szechuan style (s) (v)

49. Beancurd hot pot (v)

50. Mushroom foo yung (v)

51. Stir-fried mixed vegetables (v)

52. Stir-fried beansprouts & mangetout (v)

53. Stir-fried beansprout (v)


Rice & Noodles

54. Thin noodles with beansprout (v)

55. Mushrooms chow mein (v)

56. Chicken chow mein

57. Singapore rice vermicelli (s)

58. Egg fried rice (v)

59. Boiled rice (v)

60. Chips (v)